A Loving Tribute to Molly

To our beautiful Molly who passed over to Rainbow Bridge on 1st July 2018, aged 11.

Molly's TributeNo words can express the sadness you feel when your loving companion is given their wings.

Our darling Molly was our first Cavalier, and shortly after her arrival she was joined by her adoring ‘brother’ Dougall. Molly had many health problems, which were finally diagnosed as Syringomyelia (SM) at the age of 18 months. At that time, this seemed like a death sentence as the drugs used now to manage this were not as widely known. Her brother Dougall was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (CM) around the same time.

Molly & DougallBoth Dougall and Molly are the inspiration behind Cavalier Matters charity. The very reason it was formed came from our experiences dealing with both Molly and Dougall’s diagnosis and my struggle to understand these complication conditions and the technical and baffling language in the literature I was given. This made me determined to provide information about CM and SM that was in an easy-to-understand format that everyone could understand.

Eight years ago we had no idea how Cavalier Matters would grow and develop or the important role it would play in not just helping pet owners but also funding important research into Cavalier health issues.

Puppy MollyIn addition to SM, Molly dealt her many health issues during her life, including arthritis. Despite this, she loved playing with her toys and was well known for sniffing out food in all sorts of places. She even managed to break into a food cupboard and did her best to devour a bag of flour!

She also happily welcomed five other little rescue Cavaliers into our home throughout her life and shared all her toys with them. She was patient and loving with a true cavalier temperament. Her brothers and sisters at Cavalier Castle are definitely missing their big sister, it will always feel empty here without her sitting in her place at the top of the sofa keeping a watchful eye over everyone.

Molly's PhotoshootSadly, just over two years ago she was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone cancer that formed in her skull. Ground-breaking surgery was performed by Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick, Molly once again beat the odds making a marvellous recovery and enjoying life. We were thrilled.

Heartbreaking for us, nine months later the cancer returned with a vengeance and this time it was inoperable. She was again given just a few months but Molly being a stoic little Cavalier carried on for another 18 months until finally, just a few days ago, she was too tired to fight anymore and we helped her cross the bridge. It was the hardest thing for us to do but she was surrounded by her family and love. Molly left this world eating warm roast chicken and was happy and content.

Molly has left a huge hole in our lives. We are heartbroken, but we take comfort from the fact that she has left a lasting legacy in Cavalier Matters. The charity will continue and flourish in her memory, helping Cavaliers and their owners with the many health issues this breed suffers.

Huge thanks to Prof. Clare Rusbridge for all her care and support she has given us over the years,

Run free at Rainbow Bridge precious Molly until we meet again, we will miss your sweet little face.