Syringomyelia Simplifed

An Overview of Syringolmyelia (SM)

CM DescriptionSM Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is stored in a sack within the brain. CSF Fluid is important for protecting the nervous system. When the heart beats, the brain expands, pushing the fluid through the hole in the back of the skull down the spine. If the hole is obstructed this causes the CSF to be forced down the spine under pressure (like putting your thumb over a hose pipe). These pressures on the spinal cord lead to fluid accumulation which creates fluid filled cavities (syrinx), destroying the spinal cord.

There is no cure! A huge percentage of these beautiful Cavaliers are affected. Early treatment and diagnosis can help prevent further suffering and slow down the disease progression..

Molly (SM)

Molly PupPoor “Sweet Molly” had a bad start in life with bad hips (HD), bad knees (Patellas) and to top it all Syringomyelia (SM). Despite all the pain she suffered, she remained sweet, gentle and loving. With the right medication and care she was highly affectionate, playful and eager to please, and enjoyed life to the full! Sadly, Molly passed away in June 2018 aged 11.