Destruction of the Eye

Dry Eye - Destruction of the EyeDestruction of the Eye or Dry Eye is very common – 1 in 22 dogs are affected by this disease. However, in certain breeds like the CKCS, this figure is almost doubled. It’s important to be aware that the eyes of some dogs affected by Dry Eye look surprisingly normal, despite severely reduced tear production and destruction of the tear glands. The sooner Dry Eye is diagnosed and the correct treatment started, the better the long term outlook for your dog’s eyes. Dry Eye is also painful (a bit like having grit in your eyes) so prompt treatment will also improve your dog’s welfare.

If your dog has any of the following signs, you should make an appointment with your vet. Remember to tell your vet if your dog has experienced any previous eye problems.

  • Uncomfortable eyes – your dog may blink excessively, rub its eyes or try to keep its eyes covered
  • Eyes red and inflamed
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Dry looking eyes
  • Frequent conjunctivitis, eye infections or corneal ulcers
  • Dark pigment on the surface of the eyes
  • Prominent blood vessels on the surface of the eyes
  • TIP: Use artificial tears: Viscotears during the day, Lacrilube at night

Dry Eye is a painful condition and eventually leads to permanent blindness. If not treated correctly, Dry Eye can compromise your dog’s quality of life and affect their eyesight in the future.

By treating Dry Eye with a ciclosporin eye preparation, you are treating the disease process, increasing natural tear production and making your dog’s eyes more comfortable.