Treatment Plan for CM/SM

Cavaliers Before & After CM/SM
This picture shows Cavaliers before diagnoses (on the left) and after treatment.

It’s important to know the signs of CM/CM and get treatment for your Cavalier immediately. Typical symptoms showing that your dog is suffering include:

  • Sensitive to touch, especially neck and ear area
  • Spinal pain/sensitivity
  • Light sensitivity (squinting)
  • Walking and moving slowly (due to pain)
  • Hesitating before jumping on furniture or climbing stairs
  • Limb weakness (Molly’s was front left leg)
  • Scratching – esp. ears, head, face, neck, shoulders
  • Air scratching
  • Sudden yelping for no apparent reason
  • Biting hind quarters
  • Withdrawn/quiet
  • Yelping when picked up
  • Scooting
Daisy CM/SM Cavalier
Daisy suffered for many years without treatment. Sadly her symptoms were so severe she had to be euthanised.

Please see your vet for a diagnosis, and download copy of the Treatment Plan, which is devised by Veterinary Neurologist and specialist in the field, Professor Clare Rusbridge.

Please do not let your dog suffer another minute of pain unecessarily,