Lending a Helping Paw

Lending a Helping Paw logoMany diseases and conditions occur in both humans and dogs, including Chiari-like Malformation (CM) and Syringomyelia (SM). CM not only a effects thousands of puppies, each year a growing number of people are also being diagnosed because of the increased use of diagnostic imaging (MRI). Although it isn’t yet understood what causes CM, it is so widespread in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that research into the disease in the breed aids the understanding and treatment of the condition in people.

Our Main Aims

  • Funding and promoting research into Cavalier health and The Cavalier Collection Scheme www.thecavaliercollectionscheme.org and the Rupert’s Fund project www.rupertsfund.com
  • Health studies and research are ongoing and some information is shared with The Ann
    Conroy Trust, a charity set up to help human CM/SM sufferers.
  • Raising awareness of Cavalier hereditary health diseases among the general public and
    encouraging them to only buy a puppy from a breeder that has carried out all the necessary
    health checks on the bitch and stud dog.
  • To support other Cavalier owners by providing easy to understand information about Cavalier health issues and tips about how to look after an affected dog.
  • Campaigning to improve the health of Cavaliers. For example, campaigning against irresponsible breeding and puppy farms. Campaigning for the reform of dog breeding in the UK through our political contacts and by working with other welfare organisations.
  • Providing funds for …official rescue and welfare organisations.

Research data is shared with The Ann Conroy Trust, further expanding the knowledge of the disease in humans.

For information on the human form of the disease, visit: