A Loving Tribute to Dotty

To our sweet Dotty who passed away aged around 15 or 16.

DottyOn 4th September 2020 we made the difficult decision to say goodbye to our sweet little Dotty, she was too tired to continue to battle the problems of old age. Our biggest sadness is that she spent the first three to four years in a cruel puppy farm – despite this Dotty was a very sweet and gentle little soul. The rescue had difficulty finding a forever home because Dotty was so fearful which was the main reason we adopted her. Our other Cavaliers, Molly and Dougall, accepted her immediately and it was because of them Dotty learned to become a dog, loving her life, and on her terms we gradually gained her trust.

My main memories will be Dotty running along the beach and tearing around the garden with the Castle Gang wearing the biggest grin you have ever seen. We hope Dotty has found peace with her big sister Molly. We will never forget the unconditional love and joy she brought to us. We will always hold her in our hearts.

Love you forever our dear little Dotty.