General Tips

Keep Your Cavalier Safe at Easter

With Easter comes Easter egg hunts. Easter eggs hunts are fun for the family but can be a hazard for dogs not just on Easter Sunday but in the following days

EasterChocolate Easter eggs (not to mention chocolate Easter bunnies) are a particular danger for dogs since chocolate is toxic to dogs. While you may do your best to keep your dog away from them in your home, at Easter egg hunts they’ll be littering the ground.

Not attending an Easter egg hunt with your dog? Remember that not every egg will be found so days after a hunt your dog may discover a chocolate egg during your dog walk.


CarrotsChocolate is poisonous to dogs. Chocolate in sufficient doses is lethally toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains a chemical stimulant, known as theobromine, that dogs are unable to metabolize effectively. If they eat chocolate, the theobromine can remain in their bloodstream for up to 20 hours, and these animals may experience fast heart rate, hallucinations, severe diarrhoea, epileptic seizures, heart attacks, internal bleeding, and eventually death.

It only takes a small amount of chocolate to cause damage. In case of accidental intake of chocolate contact a vet immediately.

Store or throw away decorative Easter products

Your dog will naturally be attracted to colourful Easter ribbon and other man-made substances. Fake plastic grass used to line Easter egg baskets can create a real danger if ingested by your dog. These are just a few hazards surrounding Easter egg hunts

Sweet Wrappers

Like Halloween, Easter is a treat day. So, children (and adults) will be tempted to drop sweet wrappers on the floor or leaving them on seats and tables. If eaten, the wrappers can block a dogs intestines. So be sure to keep an eye out for them and throw them away immediately.