MVD Respiratory App – Cardalis

Cardalis Heart Montior InfoCardalis is an app to monitor a dog’s respiratory rate. Heart disease can cause a dog’s breathing rate to increase. It is recommended using when your dog is asleep. Heart disease can causes fluid build-up in the lungs and then they need to work harder to get the same amount of oxygen. Even when they’re at complete rest, the breathing rate increases.

The Cardalis app is very user-friendly. When you start, a clock appears, and you tap an icon every time your dog takes a breath. After 30 seconds or a minute, it has recorded the number of taps and calculates how many breaths your dog is taking per minute. This information is recorded and charted.

Cardalis App Vet AdviceIf the rate is over 30 breaths per minute, it gives an immediate alert letting you know to contact your vet and seek advice.

Cardalis App Medication ReminderThe app does not offer specific advice; it’s not a replacement for veterinary advice. The progress chart can also be emailed to the vet.  The new version allows you to set reminders for medications.

Use as often as your vet advises, in severe cases daily would be recommended.

Cardalis app available from the App Store.