Coronavirus COVID-19 and Vet Visits

Consultations are currently difficult and stressful for everyone involved, often taking place in a busy street or car park with little privacy.  Additionally, there is the concern of anxious dogs and their people, giving increased possibilities of aggression.

Owners have reported not being able to absorb information and that some health issues have even been missed.

Coronavirus COVID-19 & Vet VisitsTo help make the appointment as beneficial as possible and easy for everyone:

  1. Make a written list for you and your vet before you arrive and include your mobile number.
  2. If possible, have someone accompany you; ask them to take care of your dog while you are consulting with the vet to help you focus.
  3. Do not feel rushed or under pressure; this is your time and you need to make the most of it.
  4. After examination, if you feel under pressure to make a decision or are not clear about anything, ask your vet for a telephone consult or to e-mail you, whichever is most appropriate.
  5. Check your list and that you have been given the correct medication as discussed, and that you understand dosage instructions and follow up care.
  • It would be useful to wear a mask at home so your dog gets used to seeing you wear it.