Before You Buy

Consider The Time

Consider the TImeOwning a Cavalier puppy is like having a small happy child who needs your attention. Time needs to be given to your Cavalier; ideally somebody should be at home permanently.

The Cavalier puppy needs human company more than most breeds and will become depressed if left alone for long periods of time.

Puppies and adult dogs have daily needs. The basics are a loving home, food and water, grooming, health care, training, exercise and social interaction. The Cavalier is an indoor dog and will soon become a family member as they thrive with human company.

If you and your family are out of the house all day the Cavalier puppy is not for you.

Consider The Coat

This is the only spaniel breed in which the feathering on the feet is known as “Bedroom Slippers”. It is normally left long and untrimmed.  The hair between the toes and the pads must be clipped to keep your Cavalier comfortable.

The coat is normally straight and silky with feathering.  Regular grooming is essential to keep the coat free from tangles, the right combs and brushes need to be purchased.

Although a puppy will require very little grooming, you need to go through the process head to tail, this way the puppy will become accustomed to the routine which will prevent problems in the future.

The four recognised colours:

Rich chestnut markings on a pearly white background
(in honour of Blenheim Palace)

Black and Tan:
Black bodies with tan highlights

Entirely chestnut

Black and white with tan markings

Consider The Cost

Consider the Coat
Cavalier coat colours from left to right: Tri-colour, Black & Tan, Blenheim and Ruby

How much is that doggy in the window?

Once the decision of bringing your puppy home is made, the cost of keeping your Cavalier for the next 12 or so years through good and bad times has to be a big consideration.

  • The cost of an average pet puppy will be in the region of £5 -800
  • Basics (chew, toys, bedding, collars, lead, grooming tools): £50 approx
  • Food (depending on what you feed): £10 p.w. approx
  • Health Insurance (a must): £15 to £50 per month
  • Insurance Excess: £70-100 each condition
  • Small Vet bills: £500 per annum
  • Neutering/Spaying: £300 approx.
  • General vet bills (boosters, flea and worm control): £500 per annum

Consider The Breed Health Issues

  • A reputable and caring breeder will ensure that dogs should not be used for breeding until after the age of 2.5 years and should have the following checks <b>at a minimum</b> before breeding commences:
  • Has the breeder complied with MVD breeding protocol?
  • Has the breeder complied with the SM breeding protocol?
  • MRI Scan for SM/SM (brain disease)
  • MVD/Heart Disease (checked annually by cardiologist)
  • Eye Check – Genetic Disorder (checked annually by an ophthalmologist); puppies should also be litter screened by an ophthalmologist
  • Vet check for Luxating Patella ideally between 8 and 15 months
  • Hip Dysplasia Check – ideally they should be hip scored to check for hip dysplasia once only, over the age of one year
  • History of Episodic Falling Syndrome (muscle stiffness and collapse)

Do not take verbal confirmation that the above has been carried out. Certificates and evidence from a reputable vet must be obtained.

  • Ensure you visit the breeder and see the puppies with their parents (at least Mum). Never visit on your own or buy a puppy out of pity; be prepared to walk away.

You need the pedigree which will give you the registered names, dates of birth of both the puppy, parents and ancestry. Even after this, there is no guarantee for the future health of your puppy.

Consider Cavalier Puppy Buying Advice

This Cavalier Puppy Buying Advice website has more advice to assist you in finding a healthier Cavalier Puppy.

There is further information on SM/CM and examples of the health certificates that you should look for when considering a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavalier Puppy Buying Advice

Consider Cavalier Talk Forum

Before you buy, please visit Cavalier Talk Forum, there is detailed and information (“guide to buying a Cavalier Puppy”) which is invaluable and will help you form the building blocks for the future of your beautiful Cavalier Puppy. Don’t rush into a decision and take the time to read the experiences of many loving Cavalier owners.

Cavalier Talk Forum

The Cavalier Campaign website provides excellent advice for both potential or existing owners:

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