Help and Support

The Cavalier Talk Forum

Help is This WayIn the midst of all that was going on with Molly, I came across this forum devoted to the CKCS (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

This forum has now over 4,000 members, most of the members offer help, advice and share all of their own experiences, happy and sad.

I have found this forum invaluable and have learnt so much from it. We are grateful to Karlin who within her busy schedule including looking after Irish Cavalier Rescue and working full time, she  patiently and constantly provides invaluable advice and guidance to all the members. We also thank all the members  for the help and emotional support given.

If you are considering providing a home for a Cavalier or need help, advice, comfort or simply want to talk something through, the website address is www.cavaliertalk.com.