What To Do

  • Fast action can slow down progression and prevent further pain.

The sooner your SM dog receives the correct treatment the better. Fast action can prevent further pain and damage. Be prepared, not all vets are aware or have very much experience with SM. Be prepared to do research yourself, obviously it would be useful if you have the support and guidance of your vet. Do not allow any professional to disregard your concerns, you are the best judge, you know your dog.

Some dogs do not display symptoms, they might become quiet and slow. If your dog is displaying more extreme symptoms:

  • Keep notes of actions, worst time of day, how long etc.
  • Take video footage if possible
  • Ask vet for referral to neurologist who has SM experience
For simple advice and treatment options visit: www.smcavaliertalk.com

An MRI scan is the only accurate way of diagnosis.  Many dogs can simply endure and adapt to pain. Please do not ignore ANY symptoms.

A comprehensive list of MRI Scanning centres is available on this link:

Please DO NOT let your dog suffer another minute of pain unnecessarily.

If you are unable to see a neurologist, please take this treatment plan to your vet:

Remote Consultation Service

For dogs with neurological conditions

Canine Neurology Remore Case Review ConsultationsDid you know… wherever you are, UK or worldwide, you can now get advice from neurology specialist Clare Rusbridge?

WEAR Referrals has introduced a tele-consult service for neurology. This means that regardless of your location, you can always be referred to Clare Rusbridge – the European and RCVS Specialist in Neurology. This service gives owners a useful overview to consider what treatment options are available and whether a full referral is right for their pet – without the stress of travel.

To learn more about the service and arrange a neurology tele-consult, veterinary professionals can use the online referral form here.