Idiopathic Asymptomatic Thrombocytopenia

Also described and listed at Blood Platelets

Jasper Blood PlateletsIdiopathic = Unknown Cause
Asymptomatic = No Symptoms
Thrombocytopenia = Too Few Blood Platelets
Platelets = Tiny little cells that circulate in the blood whose function is to take part in the clotting process.

This happens when platelets are lost from circulation faster than they can be replaced from the bone marrow where they are made. An estimated 50% of CKSS may have this blood clotting disorder. Cavaliers may have this condition with no problems at all. This condition can lead a vet to misdiagnose it as a serious and life threatening disease.  Unnecessary, expensive and potentially damaging treatment can be prescribed. Simple blood clotting tests can be carried out.