Tips for Living with an SM/CM Dog (2)

Step-in Harnesses

Step-in HarnessesStep-in Harnesses are useful where traditional neck collars would cause unnecessary pain to your dog.

Raised Food Bowls

Raised Food BowlRaised food bowls are effective in reducing discomfort when eating for SM/CM dogs.

Frequently Used Medicines

These are a few of the drugs commonly used for SM. You very often have to tweak medication for SM dogs, initially to find what suits them, and later to keep up with changes in their condition.

  • Gabapentin for pain prevention
  • Lyrica / Pregabalin for pain prevention
  • Troxocil for blocking pain (one per month)
  • Cimetidine / Zitac / Tagamet for reducing CSF

You can download a PDF giving more information about each drug by clicking the button below: