Knee Dislocation – Luxating Patella

Luxating = Dislocating
Patella = Knee Cap

Luxating Patella / Knee DislocationTwenty to thirty percent of Cavaliers suffer from a hereditary condition called Luxating Patellas. The knee cap should be located in its groove within the centre of the knee joint of the upper leg bone. A Luxating Patella is a knee cap that moves out of its groove.

Knee Dislocation can cause your puppy/dog to cry out in pain when running or playing.  Owners sometimes hear a popping sound in their dogs legs when they are being picked up.

If the condition is not corrected, it will degenerate, the knees ridges will become shallower and the Cavalier will become progressively more lame. Arthritis will prematurely affect the joint, causing a permanent swollen knee with poor mobility.