Breeding Beyond Dogs’ Limits – Canine Fertility Clinics in the UK

Naturewatch Foundation Animal Welfare

Canine Fertility Clinics UK
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Canine Fertility Clinics are the latest UK dog breeding phenomenon.

The number of businesses selling breeding procedures and related services for people who breed dogs has increased rapidly in recent years. Some of these are entirely unregulated and unaccountable. The Report examines the canine fertility sector in the UK and outlines findings from Naturewatch Foundation’s survey for veterinary professionals. It also suggests a way forward so that we can begin to tackle the challenges posed in this new sector. Its recommendations include: a public statement from the RCVS; a Defra Task Force; strengthened breeding recommendations; reform of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966; collaboration between dog welfare organisations on initiatives to improve the welfare of dogs used for breeding and their offspring.