A Loving Tribute to Rosie

Rosie Ruby CavalierOur first introduction to Rosie was in posts on the original Cavalier Talk forum in 2009 [run by Karlin Lillington]. Rosie was one of Brian’s Flower Girls – together with Daisy, Poppy and Lilly. A Royal Flush of Cavaliers – one of each colour.

Brian used to share many photographs and stories of his beautiful girls. Sadly he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and when the time came, ten years ago we collected the Flower Girls from his home. Poppy went to live with a Cavalier friend; sadly Daisy was in a very poor state of health and we had to let her go not long after to prevent her from further suffering.

Rosie Ruby CavalierRosie and Lilly stayed with us at Cavalier Castle and with the recent sad passing of Rosie at almost 15 years of age, only Lilly remains of the original flower girls. We like to think that Rosie is now reunited with Daisy and Poppy.

Rosie was particularly devoted to Tania, she would position herself on a chair so that she could watch Tania’s every move. Until her last day, Rosie was still enjoying pottering around her beautiful garden and would happily be outside for 30 minutes at a time!

Rosie Ruby CavalierInitially poor Rosie suffered the most dreadful headaches imaginable due to Chiari-malformation [CM]. Fortunately Rosie received exceptional care from Professor Clare Rusbridge which dramatically improved her quality of life.

Rosie ruled Cavalier Castle and had a particular soft spot for Dougall, Rosie frequently boxed Baileys ears if he tried to steal her food, she would tolerate visitors which included a very lively Teddy and Poppy the Poodle.

Rosie Ruby CavalierOver the last few years Rosie were frequent visitors to the amazing cardiologist, Joao, at Northdowns Referrals. Regular monitoring of Rosie’s heart and medication adjustments together with dedicated nursing care from her devoted servants who truly enabled Rosie to enjoy an additional 15 months of good quality of life beyond her expected prognosis with CHF [Congestive Heart Failure].

We are so grateful to all Rosie’s incredible veterinary team, including our general practice vet, Mark Nelson, whom managed her chronic allergies and eye conditions and gave invaluable guidance. Their expertise and compassionate care helped us to give Rosie the best quality of life possible.

Rosie Ruby CavalierWe feel truly blessed to have dearly loved, cherished and enjoyed Rosie for so many years – the castle feels dreadfully empty without her.

Thank you for all the happiness your brought us Rosie, we will love you forever. The love we shared together now lights the stars.